The Three Questions To Find Your True Passion

Season 1 Episode 10

When I was a young man I only had a few passions. The first was swimming fast. I was good at it and I got a lot of joy from it. The second one was getting through college and getting my education. My vision was short. It was only through college. That was a problem.

I did have some hopes and dreams for afterwards. If all went well in the swimming arena I thought I could do somethings with that. Well, it didn’t end nearly as well as I thought it would and suddenly I was standing at a point in my life not knowing which direction to go. What was right, what was wrong, or where to take the next step.

I went into sales. But I went into sales for all the wrong reasons. I went in because I was told that is where you could make a lot of money.

I needed to find my passion.

If  had been able to tap into my inner Doug back then, I would have liked to been able to ask him 3 questions. Everyone must find their own answers to these 3 questions.

Question 1

What makes you cry?

What makes you cry? What makes you sad and hurt? Not mad, but sad and hurt. Do you have a genre right now that breaks your heart? What makes your heart heavy. If you do not have one ask yourself, why. Why can you not take the time, the energy, the money to put your life in the direction that breaks your heart? To help the world? To help the world, one person at a time, heal. What can you do to get involved? I promise you that helping people breaks your heart. And this breaking of heart will be a major soul patch for you. It will help heal your inner wounds. Time find to give to it with your time, energy, and money. Preferably energy first. “Be” there.

Question 2

What makes your heart sing?

Exactly the opposite. What makes your heart sing, hum, and be happy? What makes you content. I am not talking about a single win or a finished product or project. Not a piece of the puzzle, but the whole puzzle.

What really motivates you. What makes you happy. That is another big piece of the puzzle. Making you happy and making you sing.

When I was a swimmer, I remember winning my first blue ribbon in a state meet, then a national meet, then an international meet. It was the same with sales. Making that first sale, then the first big one, then the ones that were $100/$1000/$10,000 then a $100,00,000. Then it started to never be enough, because I was looking at the dollars and not the process of what made me sing.

The question inside this question is, “What does someone else get when you sing”? Are you just singing for yourself? A solo artist in a closet? Or do you lead the orchestra? Are you able to let other people hear you sing and help make them happy?

Question 3

What do you dream about?

What do you dream about? What are your unconscious desires?

Ask yourself this … if money was no object and you could be equally content and wealthy at whatever level you see yourself, “What would you do”? Do you even know the answer to that? Can you narrow that answer down?

Here is how you will find your why….

Find your why in order to find your way. That will help you to be the person you are destine to be. Your passions.

Contentment, fulfillment, and legacies will trump money every time. Typically, if you have those things you will also earn the finances to carry out your dreams.

Does your answers to these 3 questions leave your part of the world in a better place? Will what you do leave others in a better place? Ask these questions and you can find your true passion.

If you have ever met anyone that has had a true impact you’ve found that they have followed their passion. You remember them. Passion is the thing that changes the world. Especially the passions that helps others.

Rock solid life. Truth in sales. Solutions for leaders. And, relationships that serve.

Doug Soltis has worked in sales and marketing for over 30 years with a vision of revolutionizing the sales industry through Rock Solid Selling. He refined his skill-set while working for companies like 3M, Northwestern Mutual, and Mead, where he underwent some of the best sales and marketing training available.

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