About Doug

My name is Doug Soltis, creator of Rock Solid Success. Since 1985, I have worked in sales and marketing with a vision of revolutionizing my industry.

Fundamentally, sales is all about relationships and relationships are all forms of sales. I believe leadership is high-trust selling to employees and associates, and that friendship is high-trust selling to those around you. Rock Solid Success is for everyone, because, at its core, it is about the importance of truth in relationships, both business and personal.

  • It’s time to guide tomorrow’s leaders toward upright solutions.
  • It’s time to see the truth of who you can become.
  • It’s time to change the common perception of the sales industry as dishonest and unethical.

Can you treat every relationship the way you treat your best client? Can you become that kind of person? Will you join me in discovering integrity together?

Long before I entered the business arena, my first passion was competitive swimming. I began at the age of seven and continued all the way through college. By the time I graduated with my B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in finance, I was a 9 time NCAA All-American, co-captain of a national championship winning team, 4 time National Champion and was ranked as #6 in the world.

Unfortunately, if you had asked my teammates to describe me, the words cocky and arrogant would probably have been on the list.

The hard truth was that I didn’t succeed because I worked hard, but rather I worked hard because I had the faith that I could succeed.

As my faith turned to belief I reached a pinnacle of success, but I began to wonder why I desired it so intensely. I often felt driven by a lack of self-worth, or, as if I had built my foundation on sand. When I had the worst race of my life at the finals for the Olympic Trials, I proved my suspicions correct and fell apart.

Little did I know that my real education was only just beginning. With my swimming career behind me, I turned to the sales arena in order to refurbish my self-esteem.

During this time, I took advantage of the opportunities afforded to me as a world-class athlete, such as commentating on ESPN and hosting public speaking engagements, but I was never satisfied with my performance. Like most people, I was overwhelmingly afraid of public speaking, so in 1987 I set a personal goal to overcome my fear.

A year later, I met a man through fate and fortune who specialized in training motivational speakers and my life changed forever.

Under his mentorship, I conquered my wariness of the stage, honed my skills as a teacher, and quickly realized that I wanted to do this for the rest of my life. I loved the work, but I was too focused on how my swimming career had ended to see that I had learned things worth teaching. I couldn’t see truth of the matter yet, but through passion and failure I developed a new desire to become the best me that I could, and returned my focus to my sales career.

Driven by this new desire, I continually refined my skill-set while working for companies like 3M, Northwestern Mutual, and Mead, where I underwent some of the best sales and marketing training available.

Over the next two decades, I used my new skill-set to average a 100% increase in sales for 7 out of 8 years at two different companies; set sales records; and received corporate awards such as “Salesman of the Year,” “Best Month in Company History,” and “Best Year in Company History;” all while working almost exclusively on straight-commission.

Then, in 2006, I founded DasPac Inc. A company that specializes in custom robotics, packaging equipment, and packaging material. Since then Daspac has established itself nationally and internationally.

Through these experiences, I made many realizations that would eventually manifest themselves into what you now know as Rock Solid Success. My approach has been time-tested, researched, and cross-checked as well as psychologically confirmed (by the American Psychological Association) and Biblically based. I’ve been preparing a complete training series for you since the year 2000.

What I offer with Rock Solid Success is a foundation in truth, so I ask you:

  • What does “Truth” mean?
  • What is “Truth in Sales?”

For me, an initial truth was accepting that the very thing I was afraid of turned out to be the thing. The thing I wanted to do the most.

It was realizing that success does not make leaders, but leaders will succeed.

It was realizing that the truth, not trust, is where all good relationships begin.

So again I ask: what does “Truth” mean for you?

With Rock Solid Success we believe in Truth in Sales, Solutions for Leaders, and Relationships that Serve, personally and professionally.