For all of my family and friends in sales – check out this ROCK SOLID Podcast!  Everything my friend, Douglas A Soltis , touches turns to gold!  Sell away!!!!

Nancy Milgrom Englebert, Controller at Joesph Freed and Associates


Douglas A Soltis is a rock solid friend and a great personal inspiration to me.  We’ve spent many hours discussing his concepts of high moral standards in selling.  Check him out.

Jeff Dobson at CEO Global Interlink Corporation


You buy from people you like, especially if they know what they’re doing and the price is right. Doug brings the right combination of service, knowledge and friendship to the table that makes us want to do more projects with Doug. The level of knowledge and the straightforward presentation makes the decision easy.                                             



Doug helped me jump start my practice. By learning to use some of the strategies, techniques and perspectives Doug provided, I was able to develop a more efficient and comfortable approach to growth of my practice and joy in my career.

I’ve been in sales in one capacity or another for nearly 30 years. I was skeptical and didn’t think there was a single thing in this course I didn’t already know. Yet, I was surprised to learn valuable relational skills I’d never considered before and I’m happy to see the results evident in the relationships I have with my current and prospective clients.

Doug gets it. Selling is not complex – it’s SIMPLE. It’s not easy, but it IS simple. Doug was able to help me understand this. The key is starting with the right foundation. Doug has the key.

Doug helped me put the right foot forward. He has been there for me when I have stumbled. His system is the safety net that all sales professionals are looking for.

Michael T. Simpson, CFP®

Financial Advisor & Investment Advisor Representative


Doug Soltis is a dear friend and colleague. We are members of the same mastermind group which has met every Thursday night since 1995. We share best practices and hold each other accountable. My business and personal life has thrived since joining this group and spending time with Doug.
Doug Soltis is the best Sales Professional I’ve worked with in my 21 years of being a systems integrator. His methods are unlike any I’ve seen. When engaging Doug, you don’t feel like you’re being sold on anything. You feel like a dear friend is opening your eyes to an incredible product or service. You feel like he’s doing you a favor. I really thought this was a trait of Doug…something that couldn’t be learned or taught. Now I know better. Doug’s program transfers this empathetic (out of love) method to other sales professionals quickly and easily. I’m a believer.

Leonard Knight, President 

DBR Systems, Inc./President – Entrepreneurial Collective, Inc.


I have known Doug Soltis for over 7 years. I have found him to be trustworthy and a man of character. His knowledge and advice in the business world has been spot on! I’m blessed to have him in my life and I count him as a friend! 

Tracy King 

CEO/ Broker- Kings of Real Estate LLC