The 3 Levels of Life

Season 1 Episode 13

People can be categorized into 3 levels. Most people are and always will be at this level. This is because most people just get comfortable at level one and stay.

Level 1: Survival

I’ve spent most of my life here. Just finding gas money was an issue at times. How to get to that next customer or job, praying I make the money that month to pay my bills.

Two issues arrive for most of us when talking about survival. One is just being in America. How we, as Americans, climb the financial ladder. There are many Americans that live in poverty and must survive. Other places in the world would consider American poverty the middle class in their country. I read a stat that stated 75% of Americans living in poverty own a car.

So, we are back to perception.

The world’s perception of poverty and America’s is very different in most countries. The perception within our own country of poverty is also vast.

But, survival mode is everywhere and for most people it is throughout their lifetime.

Level 2: Stability

We tend to see a lot more people in America living this level than many places in the world. When we go on vacation it seems like there are many people on this level. Big houses, boats, money being spent everywhere. But this is not reality for most people outside of a couple weeks a year on vacation.

But, even if they are not able to sustain that kind of lifestyle year round they still have cars, a home, insurance and are able to help those around them.

Level 3: Significance

A person that has gone beyond survival and beyond only having stability to having a vision for the world. They are able to financially and mentally focus on the bigger things in life. They can focus on the people the best for the world and the future. These people are very special.

These are a few of those people:

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Nelson Mandela

Mother Teresa

Mahatma Gandhi

Not all had wealth, but ALL had a vision. They all had focus. They all had vision.

If you have the faith and the focus to be able to survive, gain stability, and also be a seer ~ a person with significance ~ for the world, than THAT is something! Then you can change the world.

The patience and passion to do it all!

I believe everyone has the faith inside of them to do this. Start today. Decide your truths, go in the right direction, find your faith, and your direction.

These are the 3 levels of life. Some can do it due to their financial situation, but there are also extraordinary people that have done it with that.

Start with your truth.



Doug Soltis has worked in sales and marketing for over 30 years with a vision of revolutionizing the sales industry through Rock Solid Selling. He refined his skill-set while working for companies like 3M, Northwestern Mutual, and Mead, where he underwent some of the best sales and marketing training available.

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