3 Top Priorities Period

Season 1 Episode 11



The number one priority, in my mind, to build your Rock Solid House, is the floor. The floor is time.

When I was a young man I didn’t really understand this, but every day as I get older and older I relieve how precious time is. A number of years ago I woke up and realized I only had 12 hours that day to get done what I had to do. I knew 12 hours wasn’t enough time to get all that I had to do that day done. That was the beginning of understanding time really is. I don’t really believe in time management. I believe in time value first. You have to value you time before you can manage it.

The number on priority withing TIME is your private time. The time you give for your personal self. Some people will think that is selfish and self centered. I spent years thinking about this and spent time reading and understanding in my mind what this means.

I came to understand that I am not good to anybody if I am not good for me. And this is the priority to make that happen. One must draw that line. To take time to do the things that make you rock solid as a person.

You have three basic within time. Spiritual, Mental and Physical. You need to keep them in balance. You Rock Solid Slab of foundation is spiritual, mental and physical.

Several years ago I had a issue with a sales client that I did not know the answer to. I thought about it over and over and still didn’t have a solution. I was, at that time, caught up in day to day living and knew I wasn’t really taking care of myself spiritually, mentally or physical. I still hadn’t figured it out by week three. So the issue that originally wasn’t an emergency now was. After work that day I went to the gym, as I said I had not been taking care of myself physically, I had a great workout. As I was driving home, boom, there was the answer!

I was so tied up in myself and so out of balance I couldn’t even see what ended up being a really simple answer. From that time on I began to put myself into balance.

As we all know, time is nonrefundable. Every day is gone forever. That is why I believe time value is the number one priority.



Energy is renewable to a point. You can regain it with sleep, exercise, and lowering stress.

As a young man my main attribute was energy. I could outwork my competition. I did so on a regular basis and that was one of my keys to success. But now, as a man in my fifty’s, my energy is not the same as it was when I was in my early forty’s and thirty’s, let alone twenty five. But my vision, my clarity, my wisdom and my knowledge, gives me advantages that time and energy will not.

In the past few years I have endured two very critical health scares that have not allowed me to enjoy anywhere near the energy levels that I used to have so I have had to lean more on my faith and my wisdom and knowledge. I say, like many of us do, I would like to be a young man again, but only if could take my wisdom, faith, and knowledge I have now with me.



It is said that if someone could see other’s calendars and checkbook they would know everything about that person. What you do and what you spend your money on.

I believe that if done right money is a byproduct of energy, time, and creative thinking. It is a piece of the puzzle, but not one to over think.

The other night I was talking with a group of guys about sales and I telling them of a story from 1998 when I and a friend of mine, Scott Thomas, were in NYC. We were in a meeting with a leader of a multi-billion dollar company over a long term contract for some products. Scott leaned over to this guy and said, “There are three pieces to this puzzle, price, quality, and service. Pick two cause you don’t get three, which ones do you want?” That was a gem

That is kinda how I see this priority of priorities. You have time. You have energy. You have money. If you can only pick two at a time the good news is money can come out of having the other two.

Remember as I mentioned above that the time I talking about is energy put into yourself and your well being. Making yourself whole spiritually, mentally, and physically. So that the other time you spend in your life, which is the majority of your time, you can give to others. Give to those people that you love and those that need your help. This is not self-centered. It is building a Rock Solid cement floor.

Doug Soltis has worked in sales and marketing for over 30 years with a vision of revolutionizing the sales industry through Rock Solid Selling. He refined his skill-set while working for companies like 3M, Northwestern Mutual, and Mead, where he underwent some of the best sales and marketing training available.

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