Rock Solid Selling: The Pilot

Season 1 - Episode 1

Always remember to start with the truth. Rock Solid Selling is all about building relationships in a truthful and honest manner.

The 5 points to serving selling leading being

Sales is a relationship and an opportunity to share. I have worked both within Corporate America and in the private sector for all of my adult life. I have learned what works and what does not. Many salespeople just want the “sale” without it being a true relationship. This is short sighted.

In this series I will illustrate exactly what I mean by a relationship in the sales world. That truthfulness is the basic fundamental need for all relationships.

Truth is not only factual truths. In this podcast I discuss truth in all relationships including in a “sales” relationship.

This series is also about leadership. How to be an effective leader. Truth is indispensable in being a leader. How can one expect to be a guide without being truthful?

To fully be trusted in any position, relationship or communication, with others it is a must to be completely truthful with yourself at all times.

Please enjoy this podcast as we begin the journey through this series.

Doug Soltis has worked in sales and marketing for over 30 years with a vision of revolutionizing the sales industry through Rock Solid Selling. He refined his skill-set while working for companies like 3M, Northwestern Mutual, and Mead, where he underwent some of the best sales and marketing training available.

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