The 4 Keys To Prospecting

Season 1 Episode 7


Prospecting is about attitude and having the right state of mind.

#1. Asking, Seeking, Knocking……

To put yourself “out there” takes a certain type of attitude and mental preparation that most people can’t do or can’t do for prolonged periods of time. Connecting your products and services to the right people takes the right state of mind. The state of mind needed to find them, to keep focused, and do it all with an attitude of positive faith.

In this prospecting method ~ in this part of the business ~ there are two things that are very important, not only in the process of asking seeking knocking, but serving. 

  1. Finding the narrow way: Finding that person you can help and serve.
  2. Not judging a person on others that you have met.

To accomplish these you have to go ask, seek, knock, but do so without judgments.

Do it the narrow way. The truthful way.

#2. Combination of faith and works. Both mental and physical works.

Prospecting. A combination of faith plus works. Both physical works and intellectual works.

You have to work smart and hard.

You’ve got to keep moving and talking and listening empathetically for the right keys to find people that you can help.

What happens if you’re not working hard enough or smart enough or you don’t feel like you have the faith that it will work out? You start to lie, cheat, or manipulate people that are not the right fit.

You might have to help people find that they need your product. But but you can never do this through manipulation.

That in itself is a negative not a positive which will only hurt your prospecting. This happens when you do not do enough work, both mentally and physically. You must do a lot of both of these.

#3. The third part of prospecting is about your perspective on the task.

This is a two part process.

  1. You must find people that are qualified for your product. They can afford it, need it, and want it. Sometimes the need or desire might not be immediate, but will be in the future.
  2. You must also look at who is to be disqualified as a customer.

It is very important for prospective people to fit into one of these two categories quickly.

Remember that getting a “no” is as good as getting “yes”, because the more nos you get the sooner there will be a yes. It’s a numbers game. 

#4. Learning to wipe the dust off your feet.

This is arguably the the most important part of prospecting. Very important to remember is that a “no” is not a no to you personally.

Prospecting is learning to wipe the dust off your feet.

This principle was told to our disciples and is very relevant here, because when you wipe the dust off your feet you have to reset your state of mind. R

eset your attitude and look to the future. Have faith that the future will bring you to the next level.

Make sure that you ask, seek, and knock.

Make sure that you are looking to go the narrow way and in doing so are not judging the upcoming prospects with your prior experiences.

Maybe your product is the one that’s going to give that person the promotion that they’ve been looking for, maybe your service is what’s going to give them the edge to really help them with their clients and help them against their competition, maybe you are the difference for their success. They don’t know that when they meet you for the first time, but that might be the truth.


Doug Soltis has worked in sales and marketing for over 30 years with a vision of revolutionizing the sales industry through Rock Solid Selling. He refined his skill-set while working for companies like 3M, Northwestern Mutual, and Mead, where he underwent some of the best sales and marketing training available.

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