3 common parts of Tom & Julian’s Super Bowl success, & Emotional Intelligence.

NFL and EQ.

Well, we know the 1st thing Tom Brady and Julian Edelman have in common, a Super Bowl ring from this year. The 2nd one is just as easy…they both play for the New England Patriots. The 3rd may not be so easy. Both players were drafted LATE. According to Wikipedia, Tom Brady was drafted 199th and Julian Edelman was drafted 232nd. The question is, what happened to the other 198 or 231 that year. Why are they not the 6-time world champions or MVP of the Super Bowl?  I believe it is because the NFL is missing one big key in the drafts. Up until recently, the main things you could test on athletes are speed, strength, and endurance.

But after many years of seeing top draft picks and $100,00,000.00 go out the window because they did not produce what they were believed to be capable of, we now have to look for a different way. We know the answer, you have seen it in all the books, it is mental toughness. The question really is, how do you test for mental toughness? We can and luckily, there has been some recent and dramatic Improvement in that area of psychology. We now know that according to the American Psychology Association, we can test 16 different areas of who you are. We called this the Emotional Intelligence (EQ or EQ) Test. We can now test for:

  • Self-awareness, which apparently is very important as a quarterback or a receiver.
  • Optimism. That’s very important if you have two minutes left in the game and you are on your 20-yard line with 80 yards to go.
  • Mental flexibility, where the ability to change your game plan on the line of scrimmage is critical.
  • Assertiveness, not aggression but assertiveness. This is where you know how to act and think strongly with emotional and mental control.
  • Confidence. There is really no need to tell you how important this is.
  • Vision and goals attainment. Dido!
  • Problem-solving. Maybe all the coaches should take this test. Also, extremely important is
  • Stress tolerance. We all know players that are great in the clutch. The ones that can stay calm and get the job done at the end under pressure. We can tell you who is and who is not good at this.

I believe that Tom and Julian have very high EQ in all the right places for their given position. (That right, each position will have a different order of EQ importance) The question I am asking… “is the NFL listening”?As an American Psychology Association accredited trainer of these attributes, we would love to help them save money, effort, and more importantly . . . Time.

The 3 Lessons of My Cancer

There is a huge difference in my voice between episodes 9 and 10 in season one. This is due to the treatment I went through for throat cancer.

God doesn’t give you anything more than you can handle. My brother texted me in the middle of all that was going on to remind me of this and he added that, “God must think I’m a bad ass”.

The 3 Levels of Life

Season 1 Episode 13

People can be categorized into 3 levels. Most people are and always will be at this level. This is because most people just get comfortable at level one and stay.

3 Ways To Be Self-Centered

Season 1 Episode 12

You might be thinking, “What, this can’t be good”… Many think self-centered is a four letter word and the worst of things to be. 

3 Top Priorities Period

Season 1 Episode 11



The number one priority, in my mind, to build your Rock Solid House, is the floor. The floor is time.

When I was a young man I didn’t really understand this, but every day as I get older and older I relieve how precious time is. A number of years ago I woke up and realized I only had 12 hours that day to get done what I had to do. I knew 12 hours wasn’t enough time to get all that I had to do that day done. That was the beginning of understanding time really is. I don’t really believe in time management. I believe in time value first. You have to value you time before you can manage it.

The number on priority withing TIME is your private time. The time you give for your personal self. Some people will think that is selfish and self centered. I spent years thinking about this and spent time reading and understanding in my mind what this means.

The Three Questions To Find Your True Passion

Season 1 Episode 10

When I was a young man I only had a few passions. The first was swimming fast. I was good at it and I got a lot of joy from it. The second one was getting through college and getting my education. My vision was short. It was only through college. That was a problem.

The One Goal and What Would It Be?

Season 1 Episode 9

Goals are a very common topic in dealing with personal growth, sales, leadership, and sports management; well really any area that you want to achieve in.

Goals are always talked about and there’s a statistic I’ve read that only 2% of people actually write down their goals and they do more than the other 98% combined in achievements. Goals are part of all the success that happens in the world today.